Englisch News 2017

Sea-Watch – How to help refugees

Hello! We are Alima, Felix, Ceren and Alicia from 10th grade and we did a project about NGOs and how young people can support them.
NGOs, non governmental organisations, help people and animals which are in danger.
Sea-Watch is one of those organisations and we want to tell you why and how you should support them, because the topic they deal with affects everyone.
Why do people flee?
470,000 poeple have died just because of the civil war in Syria. 45 percent of the population in Syria were forced to flee into safer countries through the threatening, terrible Mediterranean Sea. It`s almost impossible to survive this escape without any help because the boats are too instable for that many refugees. Because of that they capsize and drown. Refugees from 27 countries all over the world which are currently at war have the same destiny.
Now it`s Sea-Watch`s turn
What is Sea-Watch and what do they do?
SeaWatch was founded in 2014 and in spring 2015 they bought a ship to help refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. They do this to rescue people‘s lives and to tell others about what‘s going on in the Mediterranean Sea. They want to help refugees to get the right to enter safe countries in a legal way.
Sea-Watch saves traumatised people from drowning in the dark deep sea.
But Sea-Watch can`t help everyone without you and your help!
How can you help??

  • You can donate money on the website of Sea-Watch no matter how much you have. https://sea-watch.org/
  • Spread the Hashtag #safepassage all over social media.
  • Help locally with an internship where you help them with the media

If you have more questions about this you can come to us whenever you want to.
By the way we also hand out all over the schoolyard.
Those people need your help! #safepassage